About Us

Tala Profile Aras is a manufacturer of UPVC profiles under the management of Mr.Mirab with the Vitanova brand which was established in mid-2014.
After reviewing various areas of the country, Vitanova’s management began the Phase I construction phase with the acquisition of 15,000 square meters of land in the Aras Free Zone (Jolfa) and set up a 5,000-square-meter factory within 12 months. The company started production of UPVC profiles by deploying extruder line machinery and producing 60 series molds from Austrian techno-plast company and employing experienced engineers, technicians and experts. Vitanova’s production comes with 13 ready-made molds, and this set will have other molds in its upcoming release.
The production of UPVC profiles with the best machinery, molds and raw materials from Germany by Vita Nova demonstrates its credibility and durability. Please be careful when selecting profiles and comparing brands, We do not produce profiles with cheap equipment and raw materials !!!!