Failure to observe the following will void the warranty.
  • Observing the necessary standards for the production of UPVC doors and windows.
  • The use of galvanized reinforcement is suitable inside the profile.
  • Observing standard sizes in the manufacturing of doors and windows and the absence of pressure on them.
  • Use standard essentials and accessories.
  • Use standard assembly machine tools and machines.
  • Observing the standard requirements of installation and measurement.
  • Separation of the veneer at the right time.
  • Necessary accuracy in proper transportation and maintenance of profiles.
  • Non-integration (not using and assembling profiles other than Vitanova).

Obviously, this warranty only includes UPVC profiles used in doors and related windows and how to build it does not include a warranty.
Warranty in paper type without the outstanding stamp and the hologram of the company is lacking credit.